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Market Offer

COGNISANT's beliefs and expertise stem from the talents of two individuals
whose combined experiences of providing IT, Telecommunications and Commercial business solutions into a diverse number of organisations exceeds 40 years.

They both recognised that even in the larger industries flexible and simple
solutions were more effective as well as easier to adapt - they were also
more likely to succeed where complex ones fail. When market conditions
changed so too did the solution because it was designed with adaptability in

The variety of demands that businesses are faced with all relate to
effective, expedient and profitable business. In a competitive market where
cost control is vital, combined with a need to obtain market penetration, the
pressure to succeed is all the more challenging.

Being profitable may not mean being successful for success can be measured in
many ways - consider the company that has outgrown its current marketplace
and wants to expand the business. Managing that change, bringing together the resources and processes as well as expanding your business to introduce new customers may be one company's idea of success.

At COGNISANT our business is to provide specific assistance to the small and
medium sized business sector so that they achieve their own definition of
success. Our services are varied and tailor for the way your business wants
to operate. We listen to your ideas and aspirations and build the solution
around you to ensure it fits with your business. We believe in two-way
participation in order that we deliver a valued service that is simple,
flexible and supports you in a way that you understand and can apply effectively.

For those companies looking to advance their business and who are aspiring to greater levels of business but lack infrastructure, our services take into
account your burliness planning and what it may require to make your plan a
reality, whether it be through marketing, technology or practical planning. At
all levels we aim to make you part of the solution.



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